Bambini Montessori is a year round pre-school, INFANT and childcare service facility. We believe that it is never too early or too late to start. We accept children for enrollment anytime of the year.

Bambini Montessori is committed to the development of the whole child in a loving and nurturing environment. A Montessori education must include many facets of development: the intellectual pursuits, psychological well-being, physical development, and social awareness. These facets of development are interlocking within an applied philosophy that allows encouraging the child to grow to his or her fullest potential.

The school believes that development occurs in an enriched environment where the child is encouraged and challenged. They are neither hurried nor hindered. They work independently, direct themselves to the materials of their choice until they satisfy their inner needs for learning.

The teachers work with the children individually. They introduce materials and give guidance where needed. The primary task is to observe each child in order to determine his or her needs. With this knowledge, the teacher can introduce materials appropriate to each child’s growth level. We are constantly alert to the sensitive needs of the child and actively works with the child to achieve his or her goals. Beyond the tasks, we also strive that each child further develops a positive attitude towards others and the world.

Children develop their own pace for learning through a series of sensitive periods in which they are very much in tune to language, order, their senses, and the world around them. Her method allows the child to explore these sensitive periods through a stimulating and loving environment. Her goal was to allow the child to build positive self-esteem and confidence. She supported the development of the child to become independent and self directed. She provided children the opportunity to learn how to learn.

Our staffing per class is composed of a Montessori-trained Head Teacher a Teacher’s Aide and a babysitter who is assigned exclusively for the infants. Our head teacher and the teacher aid are designated to teach and look after the big kids, while our babysitter is schedule to follow the baby’s schedule. Yes, the baby’s individual schedule. As for the toddlers, due to our small ratio (1:4) they will always be given the one-one attention from our teacher.